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Acting classes for general public 

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The course contents of: 

First and second class:
working with your imagination and body language, group etudes

Third class:
Ancient theatre 

Fourth class:
Commedia dell’arte 

Fifth class:
Brecht and Stanislavsky’s school of thought on acting

Sixth class:
working with texts and rhetoric 

Why would you might be interested?

The course contents of introduction to acting. We will be working on improving your sense of imagination, articulation, speech, and playfulness usually by group cooperation.
We will be finding out about everything actors need to go through at first hand, taking a rest from our mundane lifestyles in the world of imagination, working on our own self- discovery.
The courses are rather practical than theoretical and can differ based on your particular interests, needs, and abilities. 

P.S. In the past, the theatre has helped me personally to get rid of timidity and stutter, aided me to develop self-confidence, and charmed me with its mysterious yet beautiful magic. 

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